Silva Tavares - Fabrication, réaqlisation de cabines pour chariot élévateur
We manufacture ourself you cabs and we are able to supply spares parts for : Massey Ferguson, Caterpillar, Clark, Renault, AGRAU

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Dynapac cc 501 Dynapac ca 251 Petit dynapac

The cabs DYNAPAC compactor which produce have the same confort design.
The compactor range begins by the CC 501 which is the most model. With his glasses which allows a 360° view, his seating is flexible and allows for an overview of equipment. The CA 251 model have the benefits that the CC 501 but with a smaller size.

Dynapac cs 14 profil

We produce cabs for the range of DYNAPAC.
In addition to the above models, the model CS 14 photographed by the front, profile and the rear is a three-wheeled model. Its cab offers a 360° view is optimized for the driver is access to any environment without leaving his seat.

Pelleteuse spécifique 788 CASE POCLAIN FRANCE - 788 CASE POCLAIN FRANCE.

CASE POCLAIN 788 face CASE POCLAIN 788 profil face CASE POCLAIN 788 profil
Interieur case 788_2

For the CASE POCLAIN, we have completely restyled the car for this model 788, special tool rail. Thus, the cabin was first reduced in width to increase its compatibility with narrow lanes and now offers 2 seats and 2 doors. The platform and the console are now integrated hydraulic and electronic. A comprehensive safety equipment made its appearance and air conditioning throughout the cabin.



The Polish brand Dressta has given us the revamping of his cabin. On the proposal or request, we design all the equipment completely. Thus, the inside but also outside the cabin have been redesigned and upgraded. The structure was designed for approval ROPS / FOPS.

dressta avant cabine dressta arriere cabine

The armrest connected to a joystick allows the driver to not get tired while maneuvering. The visibility was increased to avoid blind spots, and air conditioning throughout the cabin is now available.