Silva Tavares - Fabrication, réaqlisation de cabines pour chariot élévateur
We manufacture ourself you cabs and we are able to supply spares parts for : Massey Ferguson, Caterpillar, Clark, Renault, AGRAU

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Conception de cabines complètes / Conception cabs

For years, we create booths for the industry, the agriculture, the Public Works ... Over the years, our experience gave us a wealth of imagination to build safer, more practical, more economic, more comfortable.


We are therefore naturally moved from the cabin to the gear whole (Model above DOOR TOOL from Doppstadt. While respecting the specifications of customers, we optimize volumes and tools for greater efficiency.

Cabine LAUPRETRE Dessus cabine LAUPRETRE

Being designer manufacturer but we can see technical gear, to better match the real opportunities tools.

HELI 5 tonnes BHT 5 tonnes Terre de LIN

We can provide opportunities for vehicles not equipped with original cabins, you can be.

Cabine ERO Cabine ERO

Looking for an experienced designer to your booth!
To optimize your existing cabs!
Manufacture spare parts for your existing equipment!

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