Silva Tavares - Fabrication, réaqlisation de cabines pour chariot élévateur
We manufacture ourself you cabs and we are able to supply spares parts for : Massey Ferguson, Caterpillar, Clark, Renault, AGRAU

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Modèle Porte outils de DOPPSTADT / DOPPSTADT Carrier Tool

The agriculture truck like Doppstadt, Massey Fergusson, Renault or again Horsch have ourself "re-designed" cabs. For the tools truck Doppstadt, we have created the cab, the platform, the staircase and the hydrolic tank support : all this swivel for a better acces to engine.

Porte outil de DOPPSTADT Porte outil de DOPPSTADT


Among them, the MASSEY FERGUSSON model (photo as follow) has been completely transformated to optimize the work space but by keeping the original volume space. So, for this model, the cab (with sunroof), the bonnet, the market up, battery, and even the toolbox have been changed.

Toit ouvrant MASSEY FERGUSSON massey fergusson 3065

Modèle Renault / Renault Model

The RENAULT models have their cabs formatted (photo as follow). These models have now a better lateral visibility with a 200° wiper.

Tracteur Renault 58-34 Tracteur Renault 754 Tracteur Renault 854

Interieur cabine renault 854 Interieur cabine renault ergos 105

Modèle TRAC de DOPPSTADT - DOPPSTADT model : TRAC 100, TRAC 130, TRAC 180

The TRAC from DOPPSTADT with the famous TRAC 180 have now a cab with sunroof which give a better visibility and better working confort. The air conditionned is now available as a self-axe rotated chair for rear complete visibility. The general structure has been reenforced to increase the security.

gamme trac de doppstadt
trac 180 doppstadt

Interieur trac 180 Interieur trac 180 Interieur trac 180

Modèle K735 HORSCH - HORSCH model K735

The HORSCH model was completed re-designed. So, the cockpit has been increased. A tool box and a stepping stone has been added. Even a new 1200 liters tank provide a better autonomy. The engine bonnet has been designed to perform the cooling process.



D'autres exemples / others examples ?

For this pick flax truck, sold without cab, we have designed one to protect user from dusts.

Terre de lin Terre de lin